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Who Can Become a Member

Anyone can join Little People of America. The focus of LPA activities is social interaction, providing support for indiviuals with dwarfing conditions and their families, as well as raising awareness within the average sized community to improve the quality of life for people with dwarfism.

Reasons to Join

There are any number of reasons to consider joining LPA. Perhaps you are a little person. Perhaps you are the average sized parent of a chlid who has been diagnosed with a dwarfing condition. Perhaps you have a friend, acquaintance, or family member who is a little person. Perhaps you are a professional who is involved with disability rights, accessibility products, medicine, academia, law, politics, journalism, media communication with an interest in Chapter or District 12 or LPA national events.

How to Join

You can join by submitting a membership application to LPA. You can choose between joining as a lifetime member or as a yearly member.

What to Expect as a New Member

As a member of LPA living in the northern California area, you can look forward to receiving notices about local Chapter activities and special events including pot lucks, picnics, holiday parties, parent meetings, and medical presentations.

You will receive District 12 announcements, district member directory, and notices of regional spring and autumn meetings.

You will also receive the national newsletter - LPA Today, national member directory, and notices about the annual national LPA organization summer conference.

Types of Membership

There are 8 types of LPA membership:

  • Regular members are Little People who are current in dues and aged 24 or over.
  • Young adult members are Little People who are current in dues and aged 18 through 23 inclusive.
  • Teen members are Little People who are current in dues and aged 13 through 17 inclusive. This status includes voting privileges in the teen group only.
  • Children are Little People who are current in dues, through age 12 inclusive. This status includes voting privileges in the children's group only.
  • Auxiliary members are average-sized relatives or guardians of a Little Person.
  • Life members are short statured or average sized persons. These members are entitled to permanent membership without further payment of dues.
  • Honorary Life members are those individuals who have contributed in an outstanding way, on a national basis to LPA. They need not be Little People but must receive three-fourths approval of the Board of Directors, and no more than one person each year may be so designated.
  • Supporting members are average-sized persons who are not relatives of a little person and are supporters of LPA.
How to Renew an Annual Membership

For renewing a yearly LPA membership you can either renew online or print the membership application form and mail it, or scan and e-mail the application to LPA as instructed on the form.



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