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What happens at the Regional or District Conferences?

Spring and Autumn Regional Conferences are held in various locations within the district. For each conference, one of the Chapters volunteers to host the conference on behalf of the District. Hotel accomodations are arranged at a special LPA price for Friday and Saturday nights during the conference. There is a Kids Room provided on Saturday to provide daycare and fun for kids while parents attend workshops. There is also a Teen and Tween Attic on Friday and Saturday with age-appropriate activities. Here is an example of a recent Conference schedule:

Friday Night
Welcome Reception
Movie Night for Tweens and Teens
Saturday Activities
Parents Group Meeting focused on School Issues
Medical Workshop with local skeletal dysplasia experts
Medical Clinic appointments
Spanish Speaking Group Discussion
Community Outreach Project presentation
Boccia Ball Clinic/Tournament
Men's Group Discussion
Women's Group Discussion
50 Years of LPA - Archive Display
Tween and Teen Talent Presentation
Banquet and after-banquet Speaker
Evening dance
Sunday Activities
General Membership meeting
Touring on your own
Golf tournament for adults and teens
(requires separate fees and registration)
What is expected of LPA members in our District?
LPA members need to help LPA thrive and grow by:
  • Paying LPA dues on time
  • Attending local LPA Chapter meetings and events whenever possible
  • Attending and supporting District and National LPA meetings
  • Voting in Chapter, District, and National LPA elections
  • Accepting the vote of the majority and giving support to the wishes of the majority
  • Respecting the attendees of meetings by speaking only after being properly recognized by the chairperson
  • Voicing suggestions, disagreements, or complaints to the proper officer or in open meeting, keeping in mind constantly the good of the individual members and the organization
  • Supporting the LPA organization, officers, and other members
Who can cast a vote in Chapter, District, and National LPA elections?

Young Adult, Regular, Life, Honorary Life, Auxiliary, and Supporting members of LPA are elligible to vote. (See the Membership page on this site for definitions of the types of membership.)

Who can be elected as our District 12 Director?

To be eligible for election as a Director, an individual needs to be an active, voting member in good standing for two membership years. The person also needs to have been an active member of District 12 for one membership year.



Where can I find other FAQs about dwarfism?

Links to FAQs on other web sites:

Medical Resource
LPA Medical Resource Center web site

LPA headline
LPA national organization web site

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