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Regarding Public Relations and Solicitations

District 12 and the local Chapters of Little People of America welcome your inquiries regarding participating in district and chapter activities, becoming a member, volunteering time, or making donations. Please contact one of our district or chapter officers to discuss your interests - including media coverage, awareness activities, or job opportunities for LPA members.

LPA Distrct 12 Officers

District 12 headline

LPA-D12 General Information

LPA-D12 on Facebook

Michelle Schulte – District Director
Orange County, CA
LPA-D12 District Director

Casey Johnson – District Assistant Director
Orange County, CA
LPA-D12 District Assistant Director

Tom Hershey – District Treasurer
Los Angeles, CA
LPA-D12 District Treasurer

Open* – District Secretary
* If you are interested in volunteering for this position,
please contact Michelle Schulte at lpadistrict12@gmail.com.
LPA-D12 District Secretary

Jon Welch - LPA Western Regional Representative
Walnut Creek, CA
LPA-LPA Western Regional Representative

Emily Bromley – District Website Editor
Oakland, CA
LPA-D12 District Website Editor

LPA National Executive and Appointed Officers

LPA Executive Board of Directors group image
Photo courtesy of Gary Parker, www.garyparker.com.


LPA headline

National Headquarters
Little People of America, Inc.

617 Broadway #518
Sonoma, CA 95476
Toll-free: (888) LPA-2001 (English and Español)
Direct: (714) 368-3689
Fax: (707) 721-1896
E-mail: info@lpaonline.org
Website: www.lpaonline.org 

Billy Barty – Founder

Mark Povinelli – President

Jon North – Senior Vice President
LPA-Senior Vice President

Bryce Schelhaas – Finance Director
LPA-Finance Director

Ben Woika – Membership Director
LPA-Membership Director

Danielle Frank – Programs Director
LPA-Programs Director

Cuquis Robledo – Public Relations Director
LPA-Public Relations Director

Michelle Kraus – Advocacy Director
LPA-Advocacy Director

Ethan Crough – Development Director
LPA-Development Director

Michael Petruzzelli – Eastern Regional Representative
LPA-Eastern Regional Representative

Becky Roach – Central Regional Representative
LPA-Central Regional Representative

Jon Welch – Western Regional Representative
LPA-Western Regional Representative

Colleen Gioffreda – Adoption Committee Coordinator
LPA-Adoption Committee Coordinator

Allison Lourash – ANSI Committee Chair
LPA-ANSI Committee Chair

Mary Ellen Little – Bereavement/Double Dominance Committee Co-chair
LPA-Bereavement Committee Co-chair

Mark Trombino – Bereavement/Double Dominance Committee Co-chair
LPA-Bereavement Committee Co-chair

Ron Piro – Bylaw and Policy Manual Committee Chair
LPA-Bylaw and Policy Manual Committee Chair

Ethan Crough – Community Outreach Committee Chair
LPA-Community Outreach Committee Chair

Sofiya Cheyenne – Dwarf Artists Coalition Chair
LPA-Dwarf Artists Coalition Chair

Amy Morris – Dwarf Athletic Association of America (DAAA) President
LPA-Dwarf Athletic Association of America President

Allison Lourash – Employment Committee Chair
LPA-Employment Committe Chair

Bryce Schelhaas – Finance Committee Chair
LPA-Finance Committe Chair

Jim Kay – Historian and Archives Committee Chair
LPA-Historian and Archives Committee Chair

Open* – International Liaison (English-speaking countries)
LPA-International Liaison (English-speaking)

Brenda Martinez – Hispanic Affairs Committee
LPA-Hispanic Affairs Committee

Joe Foos – Hispanic Affairs Committee
LPA-Hispanic Affairs Committee

Gissette de Pérez – Hispanic Affairs Committee
LPA-Hispanic Affairs Committee

Deb Himsel LPA Online E-Newsletter Editor
LPA-LPA Online E-Newsletter Editor

Jim Teneycke LPA Today Magazine Editor
LPA-LPA Today Magazine Editor

Ericka Okenfuss – Medical Resource Director
LPA-Medical Resource Director

Sandy Taylor – National Conference Management Committee Chair
LPA-National Conference Management Committee Chair

Leslie Vanderpool – National Parent Coordinator Committee Co-chair
LPA-Parent Coordinator Committee Co-chair

Jill Moe – National Parent Coordinator Committee Co-chair
LPA-Parent Coordinator Committee Co-chair

Greg Lawrence – Seniors Coordinator (OWLS)
LPA-Seniors Coordinator

Faith Pederson – Teen Coordinator
LPA-Teen Coordinator

Christian Contreras – Young Adult Coordinator
LPA-Young Adult Coordinator

LPA D12 Chapter Officers

SFBAC headline

San Francisco Bay Area – LPA Chapter 4

Nabila Haq – President
Los Gatos, CA

Robert Hamill – co-Vice President
Kentfield, CA
SFBAC-co-Vice President

Jessica Markbreiter – co-Vice President
Pacifica, CA
SFBAC-co-Vice President

Donna Weaver – Secretary
Benicia, CA

Maria Bronnikova – Treasurer
Dublin, CA

Olivia Lim – Parent Coordinator
Berkeley, CA
SFBAC-Parent Coordinator

Gavin Su – Teen Events Coordinator
San Jose, CA
SFBAC-Teen Events Coordinator

Open** – Director at Large
** Participate in monthly conference calls and help out as your time allows. If you are interested in this position please contact Lee Uniacke at lee.uniacke@gmail.com.
SFBAC-Communications Director

Esmerelda Blue – Sunshine Committee
San Francisco, CA


LA chapter / geocities headline

Los Angeles – LPA Chapter 6
(including San Fernando Valley, Bakersfield, and surrounding areas)
LPA LA Chapter on Facebook.com

Heather Povinelli – President

Nicole Cracco – Vice President
LAC-Vice President

Teale Sperling – Treasurer

Shari Bunker – Secretary


San Joaquin Valley Chapter headline

Sacramento and San Joaquin Valley – LPA Chapter 8
LPA SJVC Chapter on Facebook.com

Jaime Burns – President

Janae Oller – Vice President
SJVC-Vice President

Dan Okenfuss – Treasurer

Shimona Kumar – Secretary


San Diego chapter headline

San Diego – LPA Chapter 19
LPA San Diego Chapter on Facebook.com

Leah Smith – President
San Diego, CA

Kim Walker – Vice President
San Diego, CA

Lindsay Monton – Treasurer
San Diego, CA


Orange Blossom chapter headline

Orange Blossom/Orange County – LPA Chapter 37
(including Orange County and Inland Empire)
LPA Orange Blossom Chapter 37 on Facebook

Marie Ronnow – President

Patty Vasquez – Vice President
OBC-Vice President

April Parker – Treasurer


Las Vegas Tumbleweeds chapter logo

Las Vegas/Tumbleweeds – LPA Chapter 71
LPA Las Vegas Chapter on Facebook.com

Rosie Whitfield – President


Hawaii chapter logo

Ka Po'e Li'ili'i 'o Hawai'i – LPA Chapter 73
LPA Hawaii Chapter on Facebook.com

Tiffany Moreno – President
Honolulu, HI


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